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FRANKENFUR! Tournament Rules

For use in League Play and Champion Cup tournament formats.


There are two variations of play: Single Elimination and Best of Three. These rules and regulations apply to both formats.

By participating in a tournament, you consent to have your game recorded for use on Tropical Heat Studio’s social media pages. (Your face and/or voice will not be used.) Your display name will be shared on social media as well as the leaderboards on Frankenfur!’s website.


By purchasing a ticket to a tournament, you agree to have read and agreed to these rules and regulations.

Deck Regulations

Deck Size

50-70 cards
No more than 3 copies of the same card per deck.

Card Sleeves

Frankenfur! cards may be put in sleeves manufactured by reputable brands such as DragonShield, Katana, UltraPro, etc. and must be of uniform design throughout the deck. They must not be altered in any way, temporarily or permanently. If a card is not sleeved, you must assure that they are in mint (to Judge’s discretion) condition.

A judge may, at any time examine game pieces, cards or anything involved within the gameplay of a tournament to catch for tampering, altering or foul play of any kind to create an advantage of following, tracing or counting cards. Please make wise decisions on your gameplay instruments to not be confused with someone who is attempting to cheat. A discovery of foul play will lead to various degrees of banning of tournaments.

Your Deck

Only one deck may be used during the tournament.

For Championship tournaments, you must submit a decklist at least two hours before the start of the tournament. You may submit your decklist via separate document. Scanned pen and paper list, plain text document, word processing doc, or spreadsheet are acceptable forms of list format. All decklist documents must be submitted to AJ (CosmicRooibos on Discord). After said document has been submitted, the submission is FINAL and cannot be changed. The document may not be able to be returned to the sender and cannot be altered in any way after submission.

You cannot play with a deck other than the one submitted for the tournament. If your deck has any cards that differ from the handed in deck list. You will be disqualified from the tournament. Further punishment will be considered and properly delivered.

You may not modify the contents of your deck between matches. Any modifications to your deck will result in a disqualification. 

No Proxy Cards

Frankenfur! tournaments must be played with officially purchased cards from Tropical Heat Studios. All cards must be approved for current tournament play formats. Any cards being used that are not approved for tournament play will result in a disqualification.


Tournament Sequence

You must begin a match with the following steps:

  1. Cordially introduce yourself to your opponent.

  2. Set up your game space, play mats, cards, counters. Anything you need to play the game, must be placed onto the table at this time.

  3. Shuffle your deck thoroughly.  You may not look at your cards during shuffling.

  4. To determine turn order:

    1. In Person Tournaments: Players hand each other their decks. and each player randomly cuts their opponent’s deck and reveals the bottom card of a top cut. Whoever has the highest voltage point value chooses who goes first. In cases where both players draw the same number, replace the cut and continue to randomly cut until a player gets the highest number and thus can choose who goes first.

    2. Online Tournaments: Roll dice to determine who goes first. Whoever gets the higher number will choose who goes first.

  5. In a Best Of Three tournament, the losing opponent decides who goes first in the next round.

During a Match

  • Judges may be called to your Table (or with @Devs in the Discord for online tournaments) to settle disputes and questions on card rulings or mechanics. The Judge’s call is the final say in the matter.

  • When a match is finalized, the Judges will not settle disputes on the match thereafter. 

  • Opponents must be clear about their actions and must acknowledge each others’ actions.

  • Exceptions to this rule come on a case by case basis, left up to the judge for judgment.


  • Do not spend excessive time during your turn to run out the match clock. Those that are found to be stalling for time may be penalized.

Winning Conditions and Time Limits

Time limits for matches are predetermined for each tournament, including time between matches.


Time limit for matches against a single opponent are as follows:


  • Single Elimination

    • 30 minute matches.

  • Best of Three

    • 60 minutes to complete all 3 matches.

This also includes time spent between matches for shuffling decks and card dealing.

To ensure the event's smooth progression, up to five minutes will be allowed between each round.

In cases of Best Of Three tournaments, the winner is determined by the player who has won the most matches, even if only one match was played during the time limit.


Should the time limit be reached during an active match,


  1. Finish the current turn. This is will be known as “Turn Zero”.

  2. The next player’s turn is Turn One. Continue taking turns until the end of Turn Three. (This should be the player that was NOT playing during time over.)

  3. After Turn Three, each player calculates their score on their Lab as if the game had concluded with a normal Doomsday.

  4.  In case of disputes, do NOT move cards in your Lab from their places and orientations during score calculations. This will allow a Judge to fairly determine the outcome.


Tournament Etiquette

To maintain fair play and an enjoyable environment, rules will be enforced for official tournaments and events. Failure to abide by these rules will result in penalties, which, depending on severity, may result in offenders being banned from the event.


General Misconduct & Rule Violations

The following list are examples of what is considered inappropriate behavior and misconduct:

  • Not arriving at the designated venue (or digital table) on time.

  • Malicious harassment of fellow players and opponents.

  • Spending an excessive amount of time on a turn. Players caught doing this may result in penalties.

  • Spending an excessive amount of time shuffling.

  • Changing the contents of your decks such that they differ from the submitted Deck List.

  • Looking at card faces while shuffling/cutting decks (even your own).

  • Intentional misinterpretation of card effects.

  • Lying about your current cards in hand, voltage point values of cards, or how a card may or may not function.

  • Unless part of a card effect, playing any cards that have been removed or discarded from play earlier in the game.

  • Talking and/or exchanging advice/information with other players, spectators, or other third parties during a match.

    • IF YOU ARE PLAYING A MATCH IN DISCORD, assure that your match is full-screened on your monitor so that you will not see chat messages.

    • IF YOU ARE SPECTATING A MATCH IN DISCORD, assure that you are using the chat channel associated with the table and NOT the chat for the video channel. If you use the chat channel, your discussions will be hidden from the players; the chat in the video channel is visible to players. When in the video channel as a spectator, you must keep yourself entirely muted.

  • Using cards, card protectors, or card sleeves that have distinctive markings on them.

  • Placing objects other than the card into card sleeves.

  • Deliberate marking of cards and/or card protectors during a match.

  • Having any banned and/or limited cards that are more than the maximum number of limited cards in your deck.

  • Having any decks below 50 or higher than 70 cards.

  • Placing unnecessary objects on the playing field.


During the event, players are liable for penalties if they exhibit inappropriate or malicious behavior. Common rules to follow include, but are not limited to:

  • Obey any rules/policies of the tournament venue, or any special rules of the tournament itself.

  • Do not bring food, drink, or smoke in the tournament venue.

  • Do not leave the venue without permission; if necessary to leave, please request permission from both a Judge and your opponent first.

  • Do not touch your opponent’s card without their permission.

  • Always aim for a fair game and a fair match, and for its smooth progression.

  • Do not play in such a way that would be discomforting to your opponent.

  • At the end of each game and each match, always check that your deck is in the same state as when you have started (number of cards, card types, etc).


If you have any questions, please reach out to any judge currently online at the time of your match.


View the Google Doc with specific card and mechanic rulings here!


Thank you for your cooperation!

Deck Regulatons
Tournament Regulations
Winning Conditons and Time Limits
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